The Television Critics Association Press Tour is going to be crawling with TVWeek staffers. Check this space for observations from the presentations, hallway chatter and the dope on who was misbehaving at the parties. TVWeek’s Jon Lafayette, Josef Adalian, Andrew Krukowski, Sergio Ibarra and Vlada Gelman all will post as they scour the scene for news.


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'Opportunity' Unlimited for Kutcher & Gang

July 16, 2008 5:14 PM

Opportunity Knocks

OPPORTUNITY KNOCKS (L-R) JD Roth, Ashton Kutcher, Jason Goldberg and Karey Burke surprise critics with their new game show.

Ashton Kutcher, former underwear model-turned-actor-turned-TV producer, defended the reality TV genre, telling reporters at the Television Critics Association press tour that “actors bitching or worried about reality TV taking their money and their jobs” should wait for the next opportunity to arrive instead of worrying about the acting-gig “cake” running out.

Elaborate cake metaphors aside, Mr. Kutcher took the stage to talk about his upcoming ABC series “Opportunity Knocks,” along with executive producers J.D. Roth, Jason Goldberg and Karey Burke.

The series, which surprises unsuspecting families by bringing a game show to their neighborhoods to test their knowledge about each other, prides itself on the research it conducts to create questions and challenges about each family. So proud, in fact, that Mr. Roth, who also serves as series host, surprised some critics in the audience with questions about themselves.

Mr. Roth cold-called TVGuide’s Matt Roush to the stage and asked him a question about a piece of memorabilia—a cue card—he currently has in his office. Mr. Roush failed to recall what the card said and lost his chance at some ABC swag.

Zap2it’s Brill Bundy also was brought on stage. After her co-worker and her husband were asked some questions about Ms. Bundy, it turned out her co-worker knows more about her than her spouse does.

Mr. Roth said the show had prepared for its presentation by digging up information on TCA attendees—all of them—using the same research employed to find out the existence of a girl’s diary or the identity of a boy’s first kiss for the show.

Luckily for the audience, Mr. Kutcher and gang had only 40 minutes for their presentation.

—Sergio Ibarra


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