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'Sarah Connor' Shifts Away From Serialization

July 14, 2008 4:10 PM

Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles Panel

Talking 'Terminator': Executive producers James Middleton, left, John Wirth and Josh Friedman answer questions about the new season of "Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles."

“Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles” is one of a handful of freshman shows from last year’s strike-shortened season to return on a high note. Executive producers Josh Friedman and John Wirth have learned some quick lessons from their nine-episode starter season.

Mr. Wirth said this year’s 22 episodes are a little more self-contained, shifting away from the serialization that took place during last year’s run.

“Sometimes the show got overly complicated,” Mr. Friedman said. He said the heavy mythology and serialization of the show muddled some of the storytelling, and this year’s episodes will be “less ambitious.”

New this year as well is Riley, played by Leven Rambin. She's a normal high school girl who runs in with John Connor but doesn’t know that he's secretly the savior of humanity.

Mr. Friedman said Riley was named after Fox Entertainment President Kevin Reilly, after Mr. Reilly strongly suggested that Mr. Friedman introduce a girl character early into the second season.

How about for the actual future of humanity? Will a SkyNet take over?

“Oh, it’s here,” Mr. Friedman said with gallows humor.

—Andrew Krukowski


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Phil K:

So how can the episodes of Termiantor: Sarah Connor not be serialzed, when the whoe show is part of a larger saga? This is not Hawaii Five-O where they solve one case, McGarrett says "Book him, Dan-o" and it's on to the next one.
I think its hilarious that Riley was named after Fox President Kevin Reilly, himself the namesake of a character that appeared in two episodes of the original Star Trek.

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