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Sneak Peek Into Future of ‘Mad Men’

July 9, 2008 4:39 PM


'Mad' man Matthew Weiner didn't reveal much about his AMC series.

AMC’s “Mad Men” will dive forward into the future when the series returns for its second season on July 27 at 10 p.m.

Executive Producer Matthew Weiner told reporters Wednesday at the Television Critics Association press tour that although the show covered about a month’s time during its first season, season two will jump ahead farther in order to “start fresh.”

Other than the time jump, not much was revealed about the series’ second season, a critical darling in its first year that won Golden Globe Awards for drama series and actor in a drama series (Jon Hamm). Mr. Weiner said that although many viewers, for example, are waiting to see what happens with Peggy’s baby, they will have to wait for the story to develop, letting facts come up “as needed.”

Even though the buzz has not translated to spectacular ratings, Mr. Weiner said, “Critical success is a lot more satisfying.”

Since “Mad Men’s” success, in addition to another original series, “Breaking Bad,” AMC has gained plenty of recognition as well. Other channels needed “five or 10 years of showing these kinds of things to get where AMC has gotten,” Mr. Weiner said. “The increase in attention to this channel—I consider that a big success.”

—Sergio Ibarra


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