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There's No Place Like Home for TLC

July 10, 2008 11:45 AM

TLC’s TCA presentation wasn’t less home entertainment and more Home Depot.

The panel tackled housing issues, the focus of Saturdays on TLC, with talent and executive producers from “Holmes on Homes,” “Hope for Your Home” and “Flip That House.”

R.J. Cutler, executive producer of “Flip That House,” said “Flip” has been documenting the story of the American housing market over the course of the show.

He said when the show started, flippers simply needed to buy a house and hang on to it for the value to increase. Current episodes now document how much risk would-be flipping incur.

“I think the mistake [of house flipping] is showing how simple it can be,” said Mike Holmes, host of “Holmes on Homes.” He said people who flip houses incorrectly are just leaving a bigger mess for the people who purchase the house later.

The panel also tackled the biggest problems with housing, including green renovation, a timely topic with TLC directly following the Planet Green panel.

Mr. Holmes said he appreciates the idea of moving toward being eco-friendly, but advertising has ramped up very quickly around "green" supplies that might not be so green. He added that being green means not only being friendly to the Earth, but also friendly toward the home owner.

—Andrew Krukowski


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Completely agree about the dangers of showing how simple it is. It is always a glorified version, but this is the allure. This was a good article on "green" in NYTimes a few weeks ago:


I am looking for information on how to conact someone from the tlc show. Please email me with contact information if there is some available.

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