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Tinkering With 'Knight Rider'

July 21, 2008 3:43 PM

“Knight Rider” might look the same as it did in its two-hour movie premiere earlier this year, but under the hood there are some distinct differences.

Gary Scott Thompson, the series' new executive producer, said the framework of the show, as in the characters, is essentially the same, but the mythology of the series is different from movie “Rider” to show “Rider.”

This includes changes to Mike Traceur’s origin story in Iraq; new characters played by Yancey Arias, Paul Campbell and Smith Cho; and the introduction of “the KITT cave.”

Val Kilmer will remain the voice of KITT, but Mr. Thompson explained that in order to pull the movie into a series, some tweaks needed to be made.

He also hinted at the story arc of season one by posing this question to the critics at the press tour: “Why would you put artificial intelligence into a car?”

As for KITT itself, Ford still remains the standout brand in the series, as KITT will transform into several Ford models. Critics questioned NBC Entertainment Co-Chairman Ben Silverman earlier and Mr. Thompson in this panel about the line of product placement in the series.

Mr. Campbell stepped in and said, “Nobody wants to see an AMC Gremlin transform into an Eagle.”

—Andrew Krukowski


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I'm happy they are working hard to make Knight Rider better and watchable. Hopefully it is good.

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