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New Developments on 'Arrested' Movie?

January 13, 2009 2:24 PM

Put Mitch Hurwitz, Jason Batemen and Will Arnett together in a room of reporters, and you're bound to get a question or two about an "Arrested Development" movie. Even if the session is supposed to be about "Sit Down, Shut Up," the animated comedy premiering this April on Fox.

Arrested Development

But before journalists … OK, this reporter … could even bring up the topic of "AD: The Movie," Mr. Arnett began Tuesday's session by gently mocking the online hubbub over the film.

"When's the movie of 'Sit Down, Shut Up'?" Mr. Arnett asked Mr. Hurwitz at the start of the panel.

Replied Mr. Hurwitz, "We're having trouble getting the cast."

So what is the latest on the "AD" movie? It's still almost happening but not quite a done deal yet, Mr. Hurwitz said.

"We want to do it," the writer-producer said. "We have a general (OK) from Fox Searchlight. I'm really optimistic."

And the plot for said almost-movie?

"We have a story," Mr. Hurwitz said. "It's basically 'Valkyrie' meets 'Hotel for Dogs.'"

—Josef Adalian


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