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And the Emmy Goes to ... 'Cristina's Court'

June 30, 2008 10:19 PM

Cristina Perez

"Cristina's Court" Winner of the 2008 Daytime Emmy for legal/courtroom program

When Jack Wagner said "Cristina's Court" was the winner of the 2008 Daytime Emmy for legal/courtroom program, my initial reaction was a bit of disbelief and I truly said to myself: "Huh?"

This win for "Cristina's Court" is evidence of our team's hard work and love of the law and people. The nominees were so diverse, and we were privileged to have been included among this group. "Judge Judy," "The People's Court" (the show that started it all), "Judge Hatchet" (a tribute to her community and the profession) and "Judge David Young," one who makes us think outside the box.

I am so grateful to our fans, staff and producers of "Cristina's Court." I give special thanks to Lisa Lew and the genius—Peter Brennan—my executive producer. That sounds like my speech, but I am truly thankful to those who work on, support and, most importantly, watch the show.

And finally I'd like to thank a little pit bull named Capone. He wasn't a killer dog, he was a family puppy, hand-fed from birth when he lost his mother. It was Capone's sad story that won the Emmy. On an average street in Austin, Texas, last summer, Capone got loose and wandered into a neighbor's yard. The neighbor went inside, took out a .22 rifle from his gun cabinet and pumped five bullets into Capone. Then he threw him into a dumpster. For three days Capone's young owner wandered the neighborhood calling his name.

The shooter stayed silent.

"Cristina's Court" always believes in the content of our stories. Our cases are about real people and their stories. We realize that every case is different and each deserves attention. Our cases are not just in-your-face, put-downs and yell-a-thons. Now, sometimes that is completely appropriate. However, we attempt to draw the most out of the litigants by allowing them to tell their stories, and therein lies the best entertainment.

Generally, court shows are the best example of reality TV—pure unscripted drama. For each case I hear and decide upon, I make every effort to draw out the most from the people before me. Sure, I may add some spice here and there, but only when the situation calls for it, and that's surely not every episode.

Court shows have become a staple of American television. Why, you ask? Maybe because most shows are about real issues. They are about cases that matter on an everyday basis. They also teach us about taking accountability, and that to me is what it is really all about. What do you think about them?


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David Young:

Congrats my friend! Love, David and Scott

Elizabeth Tidwell:

Congratulations!! You deserved it, hands down. I love you and your amazing, wonderful personality. Best wishes.

With respect,


Vinder Ellis:

Judge Cristina I think you are one of the best judges on televison, you are very fair and understanding and I love how you treat the people in your courtroom you never once belittle anyone or make them feel less than like some of the other judges do some of the people on their show. I just cannot stand to watch it. I cannot stand to see people being treated like their nothing or if they don't have feelings even the ones that are not very good people,you don't scream and holler at them either even though they need it sometime (smile),you have such class about yourself and you really deserved that award it could not have been given to a better person. congratulations! Vinder


Now why couldn't you bend the rules just a little and do your court sessions in them beautiful clothes like pic above?
You think you won just one daytime emmy this year?See how many you win next year looking like that.
They'll invent new categories starting with
"sexiest judge in a daytime court program." Followed by "most domestic offenses purposely committed to appear before you"

wtg! You have compassion, sense of humor, and a firm yet gentle manner of administering justice. I:

WTG!!! I am so impressed with your compassion, firm and gentle (when appropriate) way you deliver verdicts. I also appreciate your thorough knowledge of the law and the cases which come before you (before and while they are on air). You combine justice with a very humane approach, including great sense of humor. Thank you, Cristina and staff. Jeannie Bordenave, LCSW, SLC, UT


you have all the tools to keep everyones attention, only draw back is: you have no control over the bimbos, its sounds like a back yard brawl on a hot summer night over some worthless stud!!!!!!!!


You desreve another Emmy for McClendon vs Trent keep up the good work!

mrs.frank morello:

ok..ok..I give up! Why do you have a halo on your head in this photo ????
Just curious..heh.heh

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