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June 17, 2008 2:14 PM

Tiger Woods

30+ Million Viewers Tiger Woods wins the 108th U.S. Open

Were you one of the estimated 30+ million people that watched the U.S. Open last weekend (in prime time on the East Coast) and the playoff on Monday? That’s right, I’m talking about golf. (Surprise! A little change of direction this week.)

When I first met my husband he had a girlfriend—golf. It was there before me and will always be there. I guess I’m his mistress, which is fine. At first, I didn’t understand his fascination with a sport that took so long to learn and play. As time went on, I came to gain not only an appreciation for the game but even began playing. I enjoyed it. A few holes, a beer, a few more holes and another beer. I got some sun, hung out driving a cart and in the end generally had a good time. Oddly, I sometimes wish I had more time to play. When it comes to TV and golf, I also at first couldn’t understand watching others play. But then there are the big tournaments—the majors, and I began to watch enjoy them. Those are the only ones I watch. My favorites are the Masters and U.S. Open.

So, last weekend’s biggest golf tournament was one of the most, if not the most, exciting sporting (not just golf) exhibitions of all time. Sure, it’s only golf, but talk about drama.

One could not have written a better script . . .

A protégé born with a club in his hand ... the media following every move he makes ... he signs one of the biggest sporting contracts in history ... he lives up to every expectation to become an icon ... 60+ wins (13 majors) ... arguably the greatest player of all time ... then he has knee surgery (second time on same knee in five years) ... his future in question ... in his first tournament back in months he grimaces on nearly every shot ... he limps down fairways using a club as a cane ... he plays on ... in the final round he makes an eagle ... then an “oh, excuse me” chip-in birdie as the ball ricochets off the flagstick into the hole ... and he has to make another birdie on the last hole to force a playoff ... and what does he do? ... makes the curling putt (of course) ... then he has to come back the next morning to play in an 18-hole playoff ... against who? ... Rocco ... “who’s that,” you may ask ... a 40+, Starbucks-drinking, cigar-smoking underachiever ... seemingly one of the most down-to-earth, blue-collar, jovial journeymen on tour ... sounds like a great guy ... who’s gone through his own medley of injuries ... and they go to war ... but wait ... Tiger has it wrapped up ... he’s in the lead by three shots with only nine holes left ... game over, right? ... hang on ... Rocco is on the move ... he ties it up and then takes the lead ... the fierce tiger must make a birdie on the last hole to once again to extend the playoff ... and he does it again (of course) ... they go to another hole where the protégé proceeds to win as his elder got tangled in the rough ... after the win, the young new father picks up and hugs his almost 1-year-old ... note, one day after Father’s Day (how fitting) ... and flies off into the sunset with is family ... with the lingering question of whether he’ll even return to play this year. Now how’s that for drama!

Over the years, with my sports-crazed husband (and now daughter), we’ve witnessed and had the fortune to attend many exciting sporting moments. If you like golf (or not), it seems that when the sport can wrangle in so many viewers (while the NBA Finals are on) that’s saying something. I must admit, for me that was one for the ages.

So far that may be my favorite sporting moment. What is your favorite sports moment?

See you in Court!


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