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She has also worked as a ghost writer for a national TV correspondent. At 22, she was recognized nationally for promoting the growth of women’s hockey and advised companies on creating hockey products for women. She’s been quoted and profiled in dozens of media outlets since and is currently developing two book concepts. A serial entrepreneur, she plans to continue to build Internet, entertainment and media companies, with the goal of promoting social change and charities. She is currently involved in the use of technology to help find missing and abused children, and has contributed financially to TheJoyfulChild.org and other organizations. She is the founder of Look|Shop|List.com (in development).


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It’s a Big Week for Web Video

September 8, 2008 8:46 AM

It’s going to be an exciting week for Internet video. First, the pioneer product of the Seth MacFarlane/Google relationship hits the Web on Wednesday. As a reminder, this is the product of an allegedly nine-figure deal between the "Family Guy" creator and the search/tech giant. I love "Family Guy" and can’t wait to see what MacFarlane creates in his "Cavalcade of Cartoon Comedy."

Turbo Dates

It’s also the week that screenwriter Terry Rossio ("Shrek," "Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl") unveiled his Web video project, which this digitally dished girl attended Saturday night (with a broken ankle and crutches, thank you). I’m not spilling any beans on the series, “Turbo Dates,” except that it’s great to see how far Internet video has evolved in just this past year. The writing, talent, look, feel and, most of all, thought that went into the project are just enormous.

Word on the street is that Katalyst Media’s new digital effort, Blah Girls, is set to unveil this week as well. Katalyst is owned in part by actor-producer-writer Ashton Kutcher. Few details have been revealed about the project beyond reports that it’s a cartoon gossip show that looks/feels "South Park"-esque.

I’m already a fan. I’ve posted about there being a need to think beyond webisodes to other Internet TV formats. Both the Rossio and Katalyst projects seem to do just that.

Let’s remember that this all comes in the wake of a recently announced MTV web video project and the launch of fashion magazine Vogue’s Web show "Model.Live." EQAL ("LonelyGirl15," "Kate Modern") is said to be launching something new soon.

Web TV might be young, and still difficult to monetize, but early efforts like this are enormous.

It’s not just limited to big Hollywood stars, either. My digital consulting/production company 9 Group is talking this week with a talent management company about Web TV initiatives. The goal is to leverage its writers, producers and directors with our digital background to create and produce shows, particularly for the women’s demographic.

It’s going to be an incredible week for Web TV—and a huge step for Web TV business!


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Dear Patricia, thanks for the kind words about Turbo Dating. The woman behind it all should also be mentioned, Jocelyn Stamat. She created it, and wrote/directed several episodes! It wouldn't have happened without Jocelyn Stamat, and I was proud to work with her as well as Terry. Thanks again, especially for showing up on crutches!
- Frank Chindamo, Producer, Turbo Dates

google is becoming big than ever. she wants to do everything on the web...

Totally with you on "Turbo Dates." The writing, direction, performances and production quality are terrific. And the two minute format works brilliantly within this medium. I could even see some high level guest stars once this takes off. Exciting stuff.
Now a big question becomes how to promote the new programming in the most intrusive means possible given low budgets.

@Frank, thank you for noting this. I was glad I came to the event too, even with the busted ankle :)

@scottlackey, agreed - there's a way to do this. Maybe I'll post a post on that topic this week. Friday...

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