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Digital Dish covers the ins and outs of an Internet executive moving into the television arena. Disher Patricia Handschiegel is the founder of Stylediary.net, which she sold to Stylehive.com in November 2007. She has a background in Internet infrastructure and technology business, was an advisor to Kaboodle.com (sold to Hearst in 2007), and has contributed as an entertainment/media business writer for Venturebeat.com. She’s also been an early visionary of professional Internet TV content since 2005 and is currently an advisor on several entertainment/Internet projects. Always an entrepreneur, she had a highly profitable babysitting monopoly at 11, lent her writing skill to students at 17 and landed her first published national article at 23.

She has also worked as a ghost writer for a national TV correspondent. At 22, she was recognized nationally for promoting the growth of women’s hockey and advised companies on creating hockey products for women. She’s been quoted and profiled in dozens of media outlets since and is currently developing two book concepts. A serial entrepreneur, she plans to continue to build Internet, entertainment and media companies, with the goal of promoting social change and charities. She is currently involved in the use of technology to help find missing and abused children, and has contributed financially to TheJoyfulChild.org and other organizations. She is the founder of Look|Shop|List.com (in development).


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A Sneak Peek at My Idea

October 29, 2008 1:07 PM

This week, I finally grabbed a copy of the sizzle reel on my broadcast TV project. I know, I know, I should have had this in my hands weeks ago. But remember, I’m not the only one who goes in on network meetings.

Having it available has meant I’ve gotten to show it to colleagues, friends and other people. So far, everybody has said they love it, though of course this could be more about their relationship with me than anything. Nonetheless, it’s still exciting.

Our early test market of women in general had a very positive response as well, but what really matters is what the networks think about it. Will they fall in love?

We’ll see. As I watch it with others, it’s hard not to feel charged either way. Six months ago, I was new to the television business. Just a girl with an idea. Today, seeing even a tiny slice of that vision in that two-minute reel is almost as rewarding as if it were on TV. If it never makes it on the air, I still feel so lucky to have had the chance, and to work in such an incredible industry.

While it all still remains to be seen whether it works, what do I think makes it sizzle, so to speak?

It’s like nothing else on television. I know the bar is high and network executives aren’t easily swayed, but my show idea was created directly out of what I saw the audience talking about in terms of what they wish to see. The majority of television programming for women plays on similar concepts and themes. Mine differs from this in many ways.

It’s believable. I’ve talked about what creates attachment on Digital Dish in the past, and I have a long history of designing successful projects for women and getting them involved/engaged. My show plays on the specific elements I think will work for TV.

It’s exciting. While fun and fantasy is great in TV, and we all wish we could be rich, privileged, etc., there’s plenty more things that get people charged up. I think a lot of what the show is about will do just that, and you won’t need to max out your Visa!

It’s multiplatform. I believe in today’s market, ideas need to cross boundaries and reach people in a variety of ways. Call it ancillary revenue opportunity or multiplatform, I baked a lot of this into the idea.

It’s passionate. It’s a fact that passion can sell. I sold somebody with this very thing the other day. Get in the room with the people behind my idea, from the production partners to the cast and crew, and you feel it. I believe this will pour through should it make it on TV.

Most of all, I am so thankful to have the chance to take a shot at the business! Would you like to take a peek at it? Let me know!


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