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Digital Dish covers the ins and outs of an Internet executive moving into the television arena. Disher Patricia Handschiegel is the founder of Stylediary.net, which she sold to Stylehive.com in November 2007. She has a background in Internet infrastructure and technology business, was an advisor to Kaboodle.com (sold to Hearst in 2007), and has contributed as an entertainment/media business writer for Venturebeat.com. She’s also been an early visionary of professional Internet TV content since 2005 and is currently an advisor on several entertainment/Internet projects. Always an entrepreneur, she had a highly profitable babysitting monopoly at 11, lent her writing skill to students at 17 and landed her first published national article at 23.

She has also worked as a ghost writer for a national TV correspondent. At 22, she was recognized nationally for promoting the growth of women’s hockey and advised companies on creating hockey products for women. She’s been quoted and profiled in dozens of media outlets since and is currently developing two book concepts. A serial entrepreneur, she plans to continue to build Internet, entertainment and media companies, with the goal of promoting social change and charities. She is currently involved in the use of technology to help find missing and abused children, and has contributed financially to TheJoyfulChild.org and other organizations. She is the founder of Look|Shop|List.com (in development).


Digital Dish

I Finally See It

January 15, 2009 8:00 AM

Hello, entertainment business. I have finally found your coveted center. It took almost seven months of searching, but here you are. It’s like Indiana Jones finally finding the big gem.

Of course, like any great Hollywood adventure, I still need to cross the tomb, with a pit of snakes, a wall of spiders, a very narrow path and sideways guillotines flying at me to get there.

But still, I’ve found you, at last.

I need to study a little longer, but you can bet I’m already trying to figure out the way to the prize.

Hollywood is the most interesting industry I have ever done business in. The industry has so many layers it could be a video game. You’d start out combating fireballs, then graduate to soldiers to monsters to ninjas and evil wizards. Every board you complete leads to another.

While running along recently, I randomly caught a glimpse of where everything happens from in the market.

For an entrepreneur, finding this is like finding the secret chalice that holds the power to everything. I can’t believe I didn’t notice before. Maybe it was under all the assistants to assistants' assistants, or just the dizzying array of all the different kinds of producers.

I wonder if other people in the business know of it or notice it.

The ultimate prize in an industry is its levers. Now that I’ve found them, we’ll see if I can find a way to touch them.


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I was watching The Office last night and noticed that there were 17 producers credited. So, the secret chalice or levers? Is it the legal department?

@AJ, lol. No, even better!

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