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Access to Athletes Not Always So Super

February 5, 2007 12:07 PM

Feb. 1 Notes:

What’s life like when you walk out of your hotel in South Beach during Super Bowl week?

We had only walked 25 feet from our hotel last night when we saw (Washington Redskins running back) Clinton Portis standing on the sidewalk talking to a group of friends and admirers about his injury rehab. We were then standing around the street corner when up comes (former Redskins running back and Hall of Famer) John Riggins.

Riggins rarely talks about his career in the NFL, but that night he opened up. He said that his career had never been anything special until he got to the Super Bowl. He noted that the night of that game everything seemed vibrant and everything was in tune. On gameday, he wasn’t overly excited but ended up becoming the game’s MVP and on his way to legendary status.

Only at the Super Bowl on the street of South beach in Miami can you get these kinds of stories.

Today there have been a lot of storms in central Florida. Everybody here seems to be in a party state of mind but those of us in the news know that the NFL doesn’t want anything like that coming around here.

I’ve noticed that a lot of television station reporters are having a hard time getting access to some of the key players for interviews. Not us, of course, because we are lining up some terrific guys. But I think the NFL is making a serious mistake curtailing so much of the press access away from stations to take care of the NFl Network. They are alienating a lot of people. If you are a TV station and want access but can’t do it because they are locked up with the NFL Network, you have got to be angry and I think it’s a big mistake on the NFL’s part to alienate them

We are heading back to D.C. tomorrow to get ready to tape our show but field reporter Andrea Brody and my co-host Lindsay Czarniack will stay. We’ve already lined up fantastic interviews following the big game for them and I think our fans are really going to be happy with what we’ve got planned.


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