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February 27, 2007 6:39 PM

Here I am in my last full week as far as being a local guy, with only four more "Sports Machines" to go. Lately I’ve had various things being sent to me from guys who have appreciated my career and some surprising opportunities as well.

One of the most surprising and terrific mementos I’ve been given was at the Daytona 500. When I was in Florida covering the race, Mike Helton, president of NASCAR, stood up in front of the drivers and said “We have a fine gentleman here, he covered NASCAR before anybody know who we were.” He then presented me with a racing helmet signed by all the drivers at Daytona who were in the race. That shocked me that he would do something like that, but I thoroughly enjoyed it.

As a sports journalist, I’ve always been appreciative to them for all the time and stories they have given me over the years.

I was later approached by David Hill, president of DirecTV Entertainment, who offered me the opportunity to announce NASCAR races with racing legend Darrell Waltrip. So I have a wonderful opportunity in front of me that I am really looking forward to. I may also get an opportunity to announce some bull riding with the Professional Bull Riders, Inc., although that is not a done deal yet.

Yesterday I had the good fortune to be with University of Maryland head coach Gary Williams just after his basketball team upset the number five team in the nation.

I tell you, everything just feels good right now. This is a delightful way to wrap.


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Hey George! I'll always remember the brief summer I spent across the board from you at WABC. It was radio at its peak. Best of luck to you.

Fred Schoppet:


Thank you for all of the entertainment YOU have given me over the past 40 years. I first listened to you on WFIL/ Philadelphia after you arrived from Colorado to start the Boss 56. I always listened to the radio as a 10 year old in 1966 and now the Sport Machine Show on NBC .

Good luck and Congradulations on a great career and the entertainment I and others have received.

kevin mctear:

King George,

I was an avid listener of yours the whole time that you were at WFIL. I listened to you at wabc when I could get it clearly, and every time I wqas near DC tried to catch oyu on WOR. I don't know if you know how good you were on Radio at 'fil. When I think of radio or good radio for that matter, you are the first person that comes to mind. (Ingram's the second, there is no third-I've been spoiled) Jeez, I miss good radio, but I'm lucky to have grown up on the best radio, and you really were the voice of my youth. Good luck in retirement and be careful on that damn horse.

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