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Super Bowl, Super Party

February 5, 2007 12:06 PM

Jan. 31 Notes:

Last night, I took the whole crew out to Joe’s Stone Crab. When we got there, sitting across from us was Peyton Manning’s wife eating with his father, Archie Manning. We immediately got together and started discussing the game. Where else but the Super Bowl can you go to do that?

Suddenly, in walks Ron Meeks, defensive coordinator for the Indianapolis Colts, and suddenly we’ve having a two-hour football seminar, talking about how you play Peyton, how you play the Ron Meeks defense.

I turned my head and said to Sonny Jurgensen, the price of admission to be able to do this is worth the whole trip. Just being able to talk defense with them, even for those few moments, was really, really neat. I absolutely love Peyton. His mom Olivia is a spectacular southern hospitality woman. What a great event!

The Super Bowl, and I don’t mean this negatively, has become one major party. It literally dwarfs the NBA all-star game. Just standing in front of our hotel last night, it was one person in the industry after the other. No where else in the world will you find this many people from the sports industry.

Here we are just trying to get work done, whether it’s interviewing Donovan McNabb or speaking with Doug Williams, but literally everyone is throwing a party. Corporate sponsors, in particular, are all trying to outdo each other and every corporate person you can imagine are all here for the event.

That’s what makes the Super Bowl a special kind of trip.


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Tom Becherer:

It's "Peyton" Manning. Not at the top of your high school class, huh? Which reminds me, the 50th reunion is this September and folks are trying to get in touch with you to issue a personal invitation. Think you might go? I figure we have to show up to show 'em we're still alive. I'm gonna try to find Jack Campbell, wherever they've hidden him, that week. I've been asked to emcee the Friday night stag so you might want to show just so I can't talk about you.
Tom Becherer

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