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James Hibberd

20 Loud Years

July 21, 2006 8:26 PM

John Lithgow, who is starring in the NBC comedy “Twenty Good Years” with Jeffrey Tambor, knows he’s a loud talker. 

At his show’s Press Tour session Friday afternoon, Lithgow copped to the full-throated delivery of his lines, which seems to be more suitable for reaching the back row of a 3,000-seat theater than for a TV pilot.

Lithgow said he’s just giving his directors more to work with when they assemble the show.

”You’re right, I have to be modulated constantly, but at least there’s a lot to work with,” he said.

Executive Producer Tom Werner said he “couldn’t be happier” to be in a pod deal with Warner Bros. Television, which is a big change from his past life as a principal in the now-shuttered independent studio the Carsey-Werner Company, which in its heyday produced “Roseanne,” “Grace Under Fire,” “That 70’s Show” and Mr. Lithgow’s own “Third Rock From the Sun.”

He called Warner Bros. Television President Peter Roth and his executives “great partners,” and gave every indication he was happy to be no longer running his own shop.

“It has been a blissful relationship,” he said.


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