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Bledel Admits ‘Gilmore’ Fans Freak Her Out as Much as They Freak Out Rest of the World

July 18, 2006 12:35 PM

“Gilmore Girls” fans are a dedicated bunch--maybe too dedicated for star Alexis Bledel.

At the “Gilmore” TCA session Monday afternoon, Bledel admitted to one critic—who seemed to fit into the very dedicated fan category—that she doesn’t read letters from viewers.

The critic wanted to know about how fans were reacting to some of Rory’s life decisions.

“I don’t real a lot of fan mail,” she said. “I find it a little—strange.”

Bledel’s co-star Lauren Graham reiterated her lack of enthusiasm for working with the regular character Paul Anka, who is not played by the singer, but by a somewhat mangy mutt.   
“I’m not a fan of dog comedy,” Graham said, noting she likes dogs in a non-professional setting.

Things got tense when one critic asked new show runner David Rosenthal about how his experience with Heidi Klum is impacting his work on “Gilmore.” Rosenthal became a topic of conversation on blogs earlier this year when reports ran about a play he wrote about Klum (who he worked briefly with on the sitcom “Spin City”) that some found disturbing.

“My personal life has nothing to do with anything,” Rosenthal said.

The critic tried to ask more, but Graham was having none of it.

“It has nothing to do with anything,” she snapped. “Next?”


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