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Decision 2006: The Dumbest TCA Question of the Summer

July 25, 2006 2:25 PM

It’s time for a reader’s poll. I thought it might be interesting to let you decide which has been the most ridiculous question asked at press tour. Yes, we still have a couple days to go, but there are already plenty of contenders out there. I’ve chosen three examples of what seemed to me the most egregious, perhaps even unprofessional, questions asked over the course of the last three weeks-anything that was purposely comedic or facetious was not considered. Critics were serious when they asked these questions. Really. Feel free to cast your vote by emailing me or posting your vote in the comments section below.

A. Asked at the syndicated talk show “Dr. Keith Ablow” session July 23. Faithful readers of this blog might want to know the “Flashdance” critic asked the above question:
“The first one is something I’ve always wanted to ask a psychiatrist, but I don’t know any… are our dreams like a secret window to what is happening to us emotionally?”

B. Asked at the Sundance “One Punked Under God” session July 11.“So what is — in your mind, is your vision of what you would think God would look like?”

C. Asked of Vanessa Williams at the ABC “Ugly Betty” session July 18. This is an exchange, but I think it needs to be read entirely to get the full cringe effect it had on the whole room.

Note he’s asking a question about a show that lasted two episodes on a dead network… Critic: When this room met with UPN in January, there was a scheduled “South Beach” session.
All of your ensembled cast members were out here. But the morning of the press conference, we were told that there would be no press conference because of the unfortunate news of a death in your family. I just wanted to ask you, were you aware that “South Beach” cancelled its press conference because of this news? Some of us were skeptical. We thought that possibly UPN had already lost faith in the show and that’s why they cancelled the press conference.What did you know about the cancellation of the press conference?

Williams: I knew nothing. But thank you for mentioning my father.

Critic: You are welcome.

Vote early and often for A, B or C. Polls close Wednesday at 5 p.m. (PT). I’ve edited for brevity and clarity, but not idiocy.


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C - Why are they interviewing these people anyways!?

Melissa G.:

Me three: C! Incredible...

 Melissa Grego, TelevisionWeek

Scott R.:

No question...C. There is no good excuse to snub the TCA. Rain, hail, sleet or death.

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