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For the last time, 'Joan of Arcadia' is Dead, Dead, Dead

July 15, 2006 3:08 PM

Years after the “talk to God” show was cancelled, CBS Entertainment President Nina Tassler still has to put on a brave face and discuss the drama “Joan of Arcadia.”

For what seems like dozens of press tours, poor Tassler has been asked about the status of the show. Which was cancelled. Like, almost two years ago.

The critic who asked what’s up with “Joan” was apologetic about the question, which didn’t prevent most of the other critics from groaning audibily.

“It’s questions like that that give us a bad name,” one critic whispered to another.
“You’re kidding, right,” begged Tassler.
Taking a moment to convince herself the question was serious, Tassler went into network president mode, laying out the appropriate response.
“It was a wonderful show and it’s nice that it’s held in such high regard,” she said, with a look to the assembled critics that suggested this is all she had left for the dead and buried “Joan.”The “Joan” question prompted another critic to jokingly ask Tassler about the fate of “The Beverly Hillbillies.” Tassler waited just a moment to make sure it was a joke. At press tour, you’re never quite sure.

I’m Mad as Hell and I Can’t Take it Any More

Some critics actually asked CBS’s Tassler questions about projects that have a chance to make it on the air, including the TV version of the classic 1970s feature film “Network,” which former TV dreamboat George Clooney turned Oscar darling George Clooney wants to develop for CBS.

“It’s long term,” Tassler said of the project’s chances of actually making it on a network. “George’s schedule got very busy.”


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