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James Hibberd

Greg Behrendt, and What Men Do Instead of Reading Self-help Books

July 23, 2006 10:56 PM

 Sony Pictures TV had a good turnout for its Greg Behrendt breakfast early Sunday morning, luring about 50 critics out of their beds for pancakes, bagels and lox.

One critic was tragically dressed in a cut up version of her “free to be critical” CW t-shirt, which made for an unfortunate “Flashdance” look that was tied together with her denim short shorts. If you haven’t guessed by now, I’m kind of over many of my TCA colleagues.

Anyway, back to Greg—who was pretty funny and engaging considering the hour and rising heat. As the promo clip told us, if Oprah is the queen of syndicated talk, Dr. Phil is your dad and Ellen is your sister, then Greg is your cool brother, ready to tell you like it is.

Proving that life doesn’t work out the way you always expect, Behrendt said he “came to L.A. in 1993 to be a rock star, and now I’m a contributor to Cosmo.”

Author, stand-up and former “Sex and the City” consultant, said he plans to be a “friend,” “facilitator,” and a “listener” on his upcoming daytime talk show, which he said will go beyond his “He’s just not that into you” moniker.

There were a few female critics publicly working through some of their men issues when they asked questions, which excited Behrendt but unsettled some of the rest of us.

Noting that he has been dumped plenty of times, Behrendt—who has been in recovery for 10 years—said there was a clear reason why he doesn’t write something similar targeted at the guys.

“Men don’t buy books,” he said. “They get drunk, stand on their lawn, and then the cops come.”


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