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James Hibberd

‘Happy Hour’ and the Cult of Kelly Ripa

July 26, 2006 11:41 AM

Women are obsessed with talk show host, product spokesman and super mom Kelly Ripa. That was the big message to come out of the press tour session Tuesday for Fox’s new comedy “Happy Hour.”

Executive producer Jackie Filgo admitted her obsession onstage while talking about her show, which started a “me too!” discussion among series regulars Jamie Denbo and Beth Lacke.

“She’s got like, four different jobs,” an amazed Lacke said.

“She has like, seven nannies,” Denbo said.

Their co-star, Lex Medlin, (who you might recognize from his speed talking-auctioneer shtick he does on T-Mobile TV commercials) was frightened by the conversation, adding that his wife is a Ripa-phile as well.

Lacke explained that she is obsessed with Ripa because she is a “woman who can do it all and keeps diminishing in size.”

One critic asked the cast if women like men who are easily ordered around, noting that actor Nat Faxon’s character fits into that mold with his relationship with Denbo’s character.

“Oh yeah, that whole we want you to take charge thing,” Denbo said, “No, no, no, no.”
“I prefer them not to speak,” Lacke added.

The male cast members seemed to take note. While Medlin got a few words in, Faxon and fellow cast member John Sloan were pretty quiet throughout the session, speaking only when spoken to.

Just like Lacke likes it.


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