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Leslie Hope on her ‘Runaway’ Co-workers: ‘They Don’t Totally Blow’

July 17, 2006 5:11 PM

It’s been four years since her character, Terry Bauer, was tragically killed in the first-season finale of Fox’s “24,” but actress Leslie Hope is still getting questions about the woman “24” fans refuse to let go.

In the Monday morning TCA session for her new CW series “Runaway,” Hope said her “24” producer told her to “follow the writing” when picking her next gig.

But besides the writing, the “next thing is, who are you going to be doing it with,” she said. “If you are stuck with people you don’t like, it blows, man.”

Talking about the character so many years out is fine for Hope, who called Terry Bauer “the gift that keeps on giving.”

This time out, Hope plays a mother who finds herself on the lam with her husband (Donnie Wahlberg) and three children, after Wahlberg’s character is falsely accused of murdering his mistress.

Creator Chris Hodge, who described himself as a big fan of the film “Running on Empty,” said one of the tensions the show will explore is “how are these parents going to be great parents in this situation” where getting their children to lie is a key to survival.

In terms of “Runaway’s” own survival, Hodge thought “I guess that’s that” when he heard UPN, who initially bought the idea for the series, was shutting down along with The WB to create The CW.

Executive Producer Darren Star said it’s tough enough getting a pilot through production and picked up to series, but that “the odds were double down against us, with two networks folded into one.”


One critic asked if Hodge took into account how easy it is to be found in this era, considering the proliferation of GPS devices, cellular phones and online banking.


“I asked the same question myself,” Hodge said, noting he had talked to U.S. Marshalls about how they track fugitives down. “It’s actually a little bit easier than you would think,” he said, adding that there are 1 million fugitives in the U.S. escaping something or someone. And with more than 50,000 wanted persons in the U.S., law enforcement doesn’t have the resources to aggressively go after everyone.


Hodge also noted that if he saw a picture of a wanted person, and an hour later saw them in the supermarket, he probably wouldn’t recognize them.


“It makes it pretty easy to be a fugitive,” he said.




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Wasn't Leslie Hope's character killed off in May 2002, which isn't six years ago?

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