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James Hibberd

Passing the Baton

July 15, 2006 2:46 PM

Thanks, James.

When I found out TVWeek wanted me to blog from the TCA press tour this summer, I wasn't exactly sure what to expect. We had a bit of a dry run with blog postings in May for our advertiser upfront presentation coverage, which went surprisingly well considering we didn't really plan a lot for it.But for TCA, we had time. And thanks to my colleague James Hibberd's terrific coverage of the cable portion of the tour, we now have expectations. Last week I'd pull up James' coverage of everything from a tearful Shannen Doherty to Hallmark's penguins to the "South Park" guys to a picture of James with Playboy bunnies and feel a cold sweat as I stared at my monitor. Bunnies and penguins? How do I top that? Well, here goes.

 It's Saturday morning and the broadcast portion of the tour has kicked in at the Ritz Carlton. First some clarification:  While several cable networks make presentations over the course of one day, most broadcast networks have two days to present, which mean individual network shows get as much time as entire cable nets do.

Thankfully, broadcasters and their assembled talent are just as brilliant, ridiculous, contentious and nervous as their cable counterparts, so here's hoping I'm in the right place at the right time to capture some of the fun stuff. But if you get bored, feel free to scroll back to the cable blog shots of the penguins and bunnies. I probably will.        









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