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James Hibberd

Pretty on the Inside Betty

July 18, 2006 8:12 PM

Although the Tuesday afternoon “Ugly Betty” press tour session started on an off note, with the video team accidentally throwing up a clip from ABC News, the producers and cast of the Friday night drama “Ugly Betty” were not easily thrown off.


The title character, “Betty,” a plain secretary working at a glamorous magazine, “is not a victim,” said executive producer Salma Hayek.


One critic asked if the title, which starts with such a harsh word, might offend viewers.


Hayek isn’t worried, since she sees the title as “sarcastic” and also subjective.


Society seems to view ugly as “anybody who is not super skinny and super tall,” she said, but as for models, “maybe I think that they are ugly and need to eat a little and look healthy.”


America Ferrera, who plays Betty, said she wishes she was as strong as the character she plays.

“She forgives people for not understanding who she is,” Ms. Ferrera said. “She doesn’t resent them.”

Moving into entertainment made Ms. Ferrera feel like a Betty, she said.


“I didn’t know I was fat until I started acting,” Ms. Ferrera quipped.


Another critic asked about the character’s prominent braces, which Ferrera said is actually a “wonderful contraption” (Ferrera has a lovely smile in real life).


“It comes out whenever I want to take a trip to craft service,” she said.


“Which on this show we encourage,” Hayek interjected. “Go to the craft table, go to the craft table!”    



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