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James Hibberd

'Prison Break' goes Texan

July 25, 2006 1:51 PM

The Fox drama 'Prison Break' is moving in a new direction for the fall, now that the seven escaped convicts are on the run, said executive producer Paul T. Scheuring at the show's press tour session Monday afternoon.

"The visual scope is opening up," he said, noting that the production has moved from shooting at an old prison in Joliet, Ill. for a more expansive production in Dallas that incorporates the prisoners' run from the law.

"It was our home," actor Robert Knepper said of the prison. "It was a character."

One critic asked if it was true that the series was incorporating the word "Manhunt" into the title. Executive producer Matt Olmstead said that was not going to happen.
"We plan to keep it as 'Prison Break,'" he said.

Series regular Rockmond Dunbar said the only time he felt prison-like stir crazy last season was when snow storms would strand them in Joliet, where the accommodations consisted of "just a little casino."

"There was smoke everywhere," he said. "You'd try to make it back to Chicago as fast as you can."

Warden Stacey Keach "takes a considerably smaller role" this season now that architect Michael Scofield (Wentworth Miller), who was almost a surrogate son, has broken out of the big house. But Keach will be back in some form so that the relationship between the two characters can have some emotional close.

Michael's elaborate tattoo is "not soley for the escape," Scheuring said, noting that there are elements to it that will help him stay missing.

Concerning the tattoo, Miller said the producers were "smart enough not to tell me, I was foolish enough not to ask," about how long it would take to recreate each day.

Describing it as an "arduous process," Miller said it's the "most ambitious faux tattoo" in film or TV history.


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Sorry our family gave a thumbs down after last nights show...no more Prison Break for us..and we have never missed a show...but all agreed ..no go for this show from now on. One recurring female character, the show is racist, sexist , and they are slowly killing off the characters we did like to watch..or you never see them...too bad. Good bye Prison break.

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