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James Hibberd

Rachael Ray has a Driveway and Mini-burgers

July 16, 2006 10:38 PM

Viewers expecting tearful revelations from CBS Paramount and King World's upcoming syndicated talk show "Rachael Ray" are going to be disappointed, host Rachael Ray said at her TCA press tour session Sunday afternoon. "No one would take me seriously," the energetic Ray admitted, explaining that instead of standard talk show "couch talk," she wanted to instill a more relaxed "kitchen table talk."

A fixture on the Food Network and a best selling cookbook author, Ray said she is all about "hanging out" with her guests and audience for her new TV venture in the fall, not about passively watching a clip from whatever new movie project a guest may be plugging.

"I don't mind showing a clip if it's something I know and love," Ray said, but if celebrities do come on "they've got to play back to us too. I'd like to know who they are."

Celebrity guests, when they are on, will be encouraged to "play some foosball, shoot some hoops, break bread, have a cup of joe, whatever," Ray said.

The audience will be very much the focus of the show, something the stage setup will reflect, said Terry Wood, president of creative affairs for King World and CBS Paramount Network Television, and the lead studio executive behind the new talk show.

"It's not going to fit the typical daytime mold," Wood said, before Ray announced her talk show was the only one likely to have "a driveway and a garage."

Wood and Ray noted that 70 percent of the taped segments would feature Rachael interacting with everyday people, something the host has not gotten to do on her Food Network series.

  In syndication she will incorporate elements from her cable series, "and you add in the live audience and the participation of the home viewer."

Ray also sponsored a lunch for critics right after her session which featured all different kinds of mini burgers made from her own recipes. The turkey and tuna varieties were the most interesting, but the biggest hit was Ray's signature popsicles, welcome on any 100-degree Pasadena summer afternoon.

The fact that they were lightly spiked "sangrias on a stick" made the dessert worthy or several return trips.


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