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James Hibberd

Tackling ‘Friday Night Lights’

July 23, 2006 7:31 PM

The extensive on-field football shots in the NBC drama pilot "Friday Night Lights" were the real thing from the lead actors, up until the moment there were supposed to get tackled, series regular Zack Gilford said at the show's press tour session Saturday afternoon.

"We're running every play from the snap basically until the tackle occurs," Gilford said.

One of the jobs for the pilot's second assistant director was assessing the four lead actors level of athletic talent, and shooting scenes for them accordingly, explained co-star Scott Porter.

The show is not only going to be about boys and their balls, said Connie Britton, who was also in the feature film of the same name.

Britton felt the female story lines weren't given their due in the film, but executive producer Peter Berg graphically promised her the small screen version would also profile the ladies.

"Peter drew blood and swore we would do it on the TV show," Britton said. After the session, I did a sit-down interview with Berg about the series. Look for it in the print edition of TelevisionWeek the week of July 31.


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