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James Hibberd

Take One Dr. Ablow and Call Me in the Morning

July 24, 2006 11:53 AM

Rounding our the four syndicated talk show presentations presented at press tour this July, Warner Bros. entry Dr. Keith Ablow was the focus of lunch Sunday afternoon, giving a picture of what his new show will be like.

A forensic psychiatrist and best selling crime novelist, Ablow is working the Dr. Phil daytime “Help me Help you” angle, but from a different perspective.

One critic asked Ablow why viewers should watch him instead of tuning into Dr. Phil. Calling Phil an “exceptional behavioral therapist,” Ablow noted solving people’s problems is “not just about here and now, but the past.”

“Since you’re being a bad father, tell me about your father,” Ablow used as an example.
Ablow said he wants to tell stories in each show, a skill he used with great success at the lunch, where he compellingly explained some of the circumstances that led the seemingly happy Scott Petersen down the path to kill his wife and unborn child.
He also has his crusades. Ablow said he would love to show people that pharmaceuticals are not the only solution to their psychological problems.

That prompted a few smiles at my lunch table, where one person held up the notepad swag that had been placed on our chairs. It was a Dr. Keith Ablow note pad, designed to look like a doctor’s scrip pad. To be fair, the drug being prescribed was Ablow himself, since the pad was emblazoned with “Prescriptions for life!” and a reminder to “Refill: daily.”


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