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James Hibberd

Ted Danson Is Out, but Is Anderson Cooper?

July 18, 2006 3:49 PM

Apparently, people think CNN anchor Anderson Cooper is gay. Go figure! That’s what one critic brought up at the “Help Me Help You” press tour session Tuesday morning.

The critic was referring to a gag in the ABC comedy’s pilot that had actor Jim Rash, whose character is a closeted gay guy, make mention of his heterosexuality and Cooper in the same sentence. I guess that’s funny if you know about the Coop rumors (why am I always the last to know these things?), but the critic wondered, would the line make it to air? “No one has asked us to cut it,” executive producer Jennifer Konner said. “We love that joke,” her writing partner Alexandra Rushfield said, noting that it may be trimmed out since they got so much good film from Rash and the scene runs a little long.“Help” star Ted Danson said he “was out of the closet,” but about his nearly all-white and thinning hair. Decades ago, when he was first appearing on “Cheers,” he would color a small spot of troublesome locks on the back of his head. When the tabloids started writing that he was wearing a toupee, Danson wanted to say “No, no I just color it in.” Another critic noted that “Help’s” Charlie Finn bears a striking resemblance to Jason Ritter (who is starring on the CBS comedy “The Class”). “I go out to nightclubs and lie that I’m Jason Ritter,” he said. “I still go home alone.”        





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