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James Hibberd

The CW: Free to be Whatever

July 18, 2006 12:50 PM

“We have the hottest pages,” A CW executive said to another within her flock Monday morning at the network’s inaugural TCA day Monday.

The exec was spot on. While the other networks’ pages blend in with the rest of us, The CW pages have the air of Calvin Klein print models. The hair! The skin! And then there’s the outfits!

Looking like Wimbledon Tennis staff as if Ralph Lauren dressed them, the pages were in complimentary blazers—boys in light “CW” green, girls in white. The white sockless tennis shoes and prepster slacks (girls in sensible skirts) added to the look. But the “free to be helpful” moniker on the back of the blazers tied the whole look together.

Critics could get into the “free to be” act themselves at The CW’s evening party on the Ritz Carlton lawn. The pretty pages were working a t-shirt press stand that allowed critics to create one of four TCA-specific “free to be” T-shirts. While I had my eye on “free to be cynical,” I ultimately went with “free to be critical.” The pretty page who assisted me went with another slogan.

“I’m so ‘free to be quotable,’” she said with a million dollar smile. 


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Comments (3)

Katie B:

Great, CW Pages - you're good looking... congratulations. Does the beauty come with a brain? I was unaware that shallow executives at startup networks are more interested than the looks of a page than what the individual can bring to the corporate table. If the plan is to let outward appearances carry the network success, I predict shortcomings.

For the CW executives, I suggest looking at page programs with a history of success. Pages are supposed to be the best and brightest - they are the future of your network! I bet you will find that the most important factors of hiring pages reflect the attractive inner qualities of the young men and women. Let's face the cold hard facts....looks will only take you so far.


Get serious, folks. They looked like models because THEY ARE MODELS, hired to play a part. The penny pinching by both corporate parents have led to razor-thin staffing across departments. There are barely assistants, much less a fully fledged Page Program.

Chill out Katie B. There's nothing wrong with being pretty, and you kinda sound like the kid who got picked last for the dodge ball team...

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