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James Hibberd

Unlike Upfronts, Brad Garrett kills at TCA

July 24, 2006 6:21 PM

Back in May, “’Til Death” series regular Brad Garrett raised a few eyebrows with his blue comedic rant in New York at the Fox advertiser upfront presentation, where he skewered “American Idol” host Ryan Seacrest by suggesting they were lovers and that judge Paula Abdul was insane.

At the show’s press tour session Monday afternoon, one critic wanted to know if he had to send flowers to the network’s V.I.P. talent.

“Well, we’ve been together four years,” Garrett said of Seacrest to laughs. “That’s really just comedy.”

“I probably shouldn’t do comedy during the day, I learned,” he added. “They were great sports about it and they have much bigger careers than I do.”

Garrett was in rare form, graciously agreeing to do his Bill Cosby imitation for one critic, an imitation that cracked up his co-star Joely Fisher.

Another critic asked Garrett if he thought his co-star Eddie Kaye Thomas looks like Garrett’s old boss, “Everybody Loves Raymond” executive producer Phil Rosenthal.
Garrett eyed Thomas, and said he saw a resemblance.

“Is it good,” Thomas asked.

“No, it’s not good,” Garrett shot back.

“There’s a little Phil in all of us,” he said to the critic.

Garrett definitely was working the room, even with a critic who looked like she was sneaking outside to make a cell phone call.

“Ma’am, it will get better, please,” he said, entreating her to stay. “We only did a pilot, it will take time.”



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