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James Hibberd

'Vanished' Keeping It Real

July 25, 2006 1:53 PM

Josh Berman, the creator and executive producer of the Fox drama "Vanished," will keep the suspense clock ticking, but not as literally as they do on another Fox drama thriller.
At his press tour session Monday afternoon, Berman said the series will "not be told in real time," but that director Mimi Leder will keep the show "honest" in terms of the pace of suspense.

"Vanished" is "not '24,' it's more akin to 'Prison Break,'" Berman said.

One critic wanted to know if series regular Josh Hopkins felt the show accurately portrayed politicians as nefarious and self-serving. Hopkins' father was a member of Congress for 14 years.

"Pretty accurate," Hopkins said of the portrayals. "My dad's a jerk," he said to laughs.

The critic wouldn't leave well enough alone, and wanted to know if Hopkins, who was aged 8 to 20 while his father was in office, got the sense of importance his dad's job had at the time, and if he understood why so many people wanted to always speak to his father.

"I had no perspective," he said, giving an answer that must have disappointed the critic who was clearly fishing for a more inspiring answer. "I didn't know who these men were. I was really bored."



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