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James Hibberd


January 12, 2007 9:05 PM

HBO Chairman and CEO Chris Albrecht might be the only cable executive that I would quite obviously stake out the Green Room like a stalker to corner, but it eventually results in a brief interview:

Q: “Rome' and “Extras' are coming back for their second and final seasons. If their performances exceed your expectations, could they receive second seasons?

A: Well, they’re completely different situations. “Rome' seemed as if it were a good idea to announce as a final season ahead of time. It’s an expensive show, there are financing partners involved. The sets have been torn down, so I’d say there’s no chance of it coming back. “Extras' a different story. [Creator and star] Ricky Gervais only did two seasons of [the BBC version of] “The Office,' we would love to have another season if he wanted to do it.

Q: The premiere of the syndicated version of “The Sopranos' did great numbers for A&E. Does that help pave the way for the more difficult syndicated sale of “Deadwood'?

A: We’re going out and talking to people about “Deadwood' right now, but they’re two very different shows. “Sopranos' is a culture icon … but this does show that they can stay vibrant [on basic cable]

Q: “The Sopranos' scripts are turned in [albeit with some key scenes redacted to prevent spoilers from leaking out of HBO]. Some critics said last season was slow, I know you say you disagree, but what is your assessment of the final nine?

A: I’ve seen the first two episodes. They are building up to a place that will leave people very satisfied. Some who have loved the series will love where it ends up, others will be shocked and wonder, “Why did they do it that way?' But [viewers will find it] satisfying and controversial.

Q: When will the final two, two-hour movies for “Deadwood' air?

A: Not scheduled yet. [“Deadwood' showrunner David] Milch is writing the scripts and we’re dedicated to getting it done.


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