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James Hibberd

Candy for Breakfast

January 20, 2007 3:40 PM

Fox has a literal car accident staged outside the Ritz Carlton in promotion of their upcoming series “Drive.'

Their “Hell’s Kitchen'-themed buffet spread is filling—omelet bar, buffet and a candy station (Fox is exactly the type of network that gives you candy for breakfast). Fox staffers wolf down omelets along with the press, no snobbish class separation here. The ballroom is covered in snow-white tones and their pages wear parkas

This is the last day of press tour. Critics are exhausted. Yet Fox has so much news potential. They ask about Paula Abdul’s latest breakdown, about accusations of “24' vilifying Muslims, about whether “Idol' judges have become too mean, about the OJ Simpson mess.

Then Fox Entertainment President Peter Liguori throws cold water on the party with answers that seem cautious even by broadcast network executive standards.

Fox is “pleased what Paula does for ‘American Idol.’' He claims he cannot talk about OJ due to pending litigation. “24' has villains of many kinds of ethnicities. Mean “Idol' judges are part of the culture of the show.

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