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James Hibberd

Fun With Transcripts, Part 2 RvT

January 14, 2007 3:31 PM

Something that Danny DeVito, Lisa Ling, Steve McPherson and Mark Burnett have in common: All are asked by TCA critics about the Rosie vs. Trump fight, a subject that, as one trade reporter noted in the press room, can be summed up as “two very rich people pissed off at each other and why should we care?'

By the time McPherson is asked about RvT Sunday morning, there are audible groans in the press room from critics embarrassed for their occupational species.

A collection of replies:

Panelist: Lisa Ling, here to promote her new Oxygen documentary “Who Cares About Girls.'
RvT Connection: Former “The View' co-host.
Response: “I’m astounded that people really care. I really am. I have to be frank …I’m trying to talk about some of the work that I’ve been doing, you know, and people are always eager to ask about ‘The View.’'

Danny DeVito, here to promote FX’s “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia.'
RvT Connection: He was recently drunk on ‘The View.’
Response: “I know both of them. They’re really, like, very nice people. I think if I had to choose between Donald and Rosie … it would make a difference what I was, you know, planning on doing with either of them … I guess it’s good publicity for them, but they should chill, work it out.'

Panelist: Mark Burnett, here to promote the MTV Movie Awards.
RvT Connection: Executive producer of Trump-hosted “The Apprentice.'
Response (when asked if he’s given Trump “any direction' on how he should compose himself): “That’s a great question. Have I given him any direction? You think he’d fucking listen to me? That’s the funny part about ‘The Apprentice.’ [Asking himself] Mark, are you behind the scenes telling [Trump] who to fire? You must be joking … I’m honestly friends with Rosie and with Donald, and I’m sitting back like everybody else, and its quiet today. I’m really happy that it’s quiet.'

Panelist: Steve McPherson
RvT Connection: None, really. “The View' is on ABC, but somebody should pull aside the critic to tell them McPherson is in charge of primetime. An ABC executive, convinced critics would know better and not ask a RvT question, loses a $20 bet to a trade reporter over this.
Response: “To me the entire thing is a publicity stunt for ‘The Apprentice.’ That’s all he’s trying to do is sue people and make waves.'


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