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James Hibberd

Grace, Or Lack Of It

January 9, 2007 11:35 PM

Nancy Grace is probably the only person that truly makes me understand 17th century witch burning.

The cable legal pundit comes across so judgmental, narrow minded and hate-filled, that I feel this almost genetic-level stirring whenever I see a clip of her CNN show, a longing to take refuge in a large group of unruly citizens, grab a torch or pitchfork, and begin shouting for kindling.

Therefore, I’m gratified when somebody at the Turner panel asks CNN President Jim Walton to justify Nancy Grace. Of course, the critic put it a nicer way … oh, wait, no he didn’t. It’s right here in the transcript: “How [do] you justify Nancy Grace?'

Walton, of course, talks about CNN’s brand standing for integrity, accuracy and class. He talks about entertainment choices, compares the network to a newspaper full of various points of view, and concludes by saying “and so we have expanded our offering across these multiple platforms.'

The critic’s follow-up: “So … to use your words, then, do you think that Nancy Grace exemplifies integrity, accuracy and class?'

And Walton, with utter sincerity, says, "Absolutely."


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Nancy Grace does not appear to know what integrity, accuracy or class means.
She comes across with no class, no integrity, as far as accuracy she can't get
her facts correct. What she don't know....... she will make up to suit herself.
She is rude, brass, insulting to her guests. If she doesn't like their opinion or
what they are saying she becomes a mad-dog throwing insults at them and
either cuts them off or goes to break. She has not practiced law in a court
room in 10 years..... but thinks she is the judge and jury.

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