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James Hibberd

Greetings From the Card Company

January 9, 2007 7:49 PM

I was determined to be nice to Hallmark Channel after my blog entry last July about their TCA party and clip reel (“old people, old people, penguins'), but they’ve just kicked off their session with a singer earnestly belting out “Music of the Night' from Phantom of the Opera. There’s something about the sappy love ballad being performed by a gesticulating singer before a group of straight-faced journalists glancing at their Blackberrys and laptop screens that ranks it among the most surreal TCA moments ever.

Then Hallmark President and CEO Henry Schleiff takes the stage with his usual confidence and good humor and justifiably boasts about the network’s often overlooked ratings and recent audience growth. Their new clip reel of theatrical acquisitions is packed with talent of a considerably younger median age than the last go round.

Schleiff does manage to misjudge the room in one regard, by attempting to repeatedly boast about Hallmark earning an award from conservative watchdog group the Parents Television Council, a group that lobbies against pretty much every show TV critics actually like. “We are honored to receive this designation,' he says, to a roomful of hisses.


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I'm so jealous, Hibberd! I'm here in Vegas surrounded by buxom babes at CES but you get to hear musical theatre songs! I wish I were there...Yep, I'm still cheesy enough to like Phantom of the Opera

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