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James Hibberd

Kevin Reilly, Feeling the Love

January 17, 2007 3:43 PM

“Maybe quality isn’t something you define,' intones an NBC clip narrator, sounding almost like a “Saturday Night Live' parody of a fourth-place network’s ad copy. “But you know it when you see it, and, maybe, that’s what matters.'

The defensive-sounding clip opens NBC’s TCA session. But the funny thing is, NBC is currently—in a freakish perfect storm of Nielsen ratings positional jockeying—tied for first place season to date. Though they’re expected to end up in fourth by May, even that story is relatively sunny, since NBC has improved significantly year to year.

On stage, a reinvigorated NBC Entertainment President Kevin Reilly said NBC's fall shows have "brought the love back to the network."

“What I’m really feeling right now in the building is a new confidence,' he says. “It’s actually shockingly, weirdly, becoming fun again. People are saying, ‘What’s that feeling we’re having? Oh, that’s fun.’'

After the panel, however, Reilly could not muster much love for Fox’s Nielsen Death Star, “American Idol,' which open fired with a record-breaking premiere last night.

“We got to see how it weathers over the course of the year,' he says. “Not to be shitty about it, but maybe they’ll have a bad run. Nothing burns that bright forever. Some day it will be uncool to watch ‘American Idol.’'


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Bup Kiss:

Much the way it is uncool t watch NBC right now.


Perhaps it's time for Reilly to realize that his junior executives don't what they are talking about and couldn't find an original series idea with both hands and a flashlight. Afterall just how many 'Law and Order' clones do we need!?

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