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James Hibberd

Minear's Fourth Gear

January 20, 2007 8:39 PM

Fox’s upcoming action series “Drive,' where a group of people compete in a secret cross-country race, seems like a solid idea for a drama. Casting charismatic Nathan Fillion of “Firefly' to the lead the ensemble is a great choice. But the clips shown at TCA have worrisome, wacky “Cannonball Run' quality to them.

“Drive' is executive producer Tim Minear’s fourth Fox series. Previously he did “Wonderfalls' (beloved, cancelled), “Firefly' (beloved, cancelled) and “The Inside' (not so beloved, also cancelled).

A critic asks why, if the race in “Drive' is a secret, how all the characters in the show have heard of it.

“It’s sort of like my last three series on Fox,' he says. “People hear theses rumors about them … then download them or buy them on DVD … some days the 2 million dollars is hardly worth it.'

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