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James Hibberd

Musical Interlude

January 12, 2007 7:35 PM

I heard Green Day’s “Holiday' during a clip montage and I’m getting worried. Previously, a network used Green Day’s “Boulevard of Broken Dreams' during a clip reel, then another played it their after party.

You see, in 2004, network event planners discovered Coldplay’s 2002 album “A Rush of Blood to the Head.' For the next year and a half, you couldn’t go to a TCA, NATPE, CTAM or National Show without being treated to clip reels and executive introductions scored to Coldplay’s uplifting, inoffensive pop. To this day, I can’t hear “Clocks' without breaking out in a sweat, thinking I’m in a packed ballroom and on deadline.

Now Green Day is a band I actually like. So I’m concerned network planners have discovered—right on schedule a couple years after it was popular—Green Day’s brilliant “American Idiot.' I feel like captive Alex in “A Clockwork Orange,' begging his unseen tormentors not to play his beloved Ludwig van Beethoven lest they ruin it forever.

Oh, and a music-related P.S. note to the HBO Films entry, below: Scoring the trailer for your Native American drama to music from “Batman Begins,' “Pirates of the Caribbean' and “The Abyss' isn’t fooling anybody.


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