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James Hibberd

Paging the CW

January 19, 2007 1:20 PM

“Here you go...' purrs a CW page, looking vaguely like “Hit Me Baby'-era Britney Spears, passing out a press release.

Britney passes another CW page, who looks vaguely like a replacement guitarist for The Strokes.

The pages are dressed in alarming lime green CW jackets, white wing-tip shirts, white slacks and white shoes. They look like pimp golfers. All are very young, attractive and have “Free to Be Helpful' on the back of their jackets.

They’re also not actually pages. Unlike the other broadcast nets, The CW doesn’t have pages per se, so the network hired actors for the role. Hmm, there’s a joke here to be made about the CW posing as a broadcast network … the critic next to me takes a stab at it: “I’m not a page, but I play one on The CW.'


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