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James Hibberd

Party #2 Merriment

January 11, 2007 12:19 PM

“Evenin’ sir, would you care for some honey mead?' asks a serving wench bearing a tray full of goblets.

Now this is a proper TCA party.

Mid-ranked BBC America might not have the ratings or corporate parentage of the Fox Cable Group, but they know how to entertain the critics and drive home their programming message. Their party is Robin Hood-themed to coincide with their series remaking the classic tale.

The shindig is impressive. There’s a whole Sherwood Forest of imported trees and rocks. There’s minstrels playing music. There’s roaming um … you know, Renaissance Fair-type people. There’s themed foods like bread pudding and obnoxiously large rolls. There’s a complimentary gift, an earth-toned hooded sweatshirt (yup, a Robin Hood hoodie). It’s exactly the sort of Disneyesque display that makes for a memorable TCA event.

I help myself to their buffet and take a seat on a wooden bench below a tree.

A robust squire approaches.

“My lord! Do not hunch over ye plate! I will not take your food!'

Okay, maybe a tad less Disneyesque next time.

“Pray tell, why do you sit here alone? Are ye anti-social, or do ye have gas?'

All right, quit it.


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Comments (2)

Scott Barnett:

The squire was probably up all night thinking of these lines. I hope you clubbed him with a leg of mutton.


too bad I missed that squire!

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