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James Hibberd

Party #3, #4 and #5 MTV, Globes and NBC

January 18, 2007 4:34 PM

-- MTV Networks, Thursday, Jan. 11: The last place critics want to go after spending all day in the Ritz ballroom is the Ritz ballroom, so MTV’s TCA party loses off-the-bat points for their location. Still, MTV knows how to pick out music and stock a guest list with talent, so the party becomes a modest success. Hmm … what else? David Spade is a tiny man.

-- Golden Globes Parties, Monday Jan. 15: Not a TCA party, but is the reason there were no blog posts Monday and was certainly interesting. The Beverly Hilton housed both the awards and four industry parties—HBO, NBC, Warner Bros. and Fox (I got on the list for NBC and HBO, while the two studio parties, in PR rep-speak, “could not accommodate your request for an invitation'). Usually, one major industry event is enough to overwhelm a hotel. But an awards show and four parties? Let’s put it this way: The NBC event was on the roof of the parking garage.

Now, friends get impressed when they hear things like “Golden Globes party.' They imagine walking the red carpet, drinking champagne, and hanging out with Steve Carell.

They don’t imagine the cramped shuttle bus to the party from Century City, stuck in Globes traffic.

They don’t think of catered buffets that, by the time you get to them, look like they were ravaged by bears (like bears that just woke up from hibernation and are all super hungry, not just regular bears).

And they don’t imagine a 20-minute wait for an elevator up to a party, during which a crowd of rich people dressed in their best formal wear grow angry and impatient, and party organizers start to yell at them to “Get back! Get back!' and the whole drama looks like a reenactment of the lifeboat-crowding scenes from “Titanic' (“Don’t you understand?! The hotel is sinking and there aren’t enough elevators, not enough by half!').

-- NBC Universal and NBC, Friday Jan. 12 and Wed Jan. 17: NBC has a cable party and a broadcast party in the Ritz lobby lounge and, as one might expect, the broadcast event is better. More celebrities (“Heroes' Masi Oka is mobbed like a rock star), superior food (the mushroom scallops risotto is the best TCA dish so far).

I have a TCA moment of clarity when I realize I’ve been greedily eating no less than five rich desserts off my buffet plate (they are tiny desserts, but still…) while drinking a vodka tonic. I briefly wonder what the hell I’m doing before deciding that chocolate mouse and Ketel One go well together.

Later I join a mob of trade reporters ganging up on NBC Universal Cable Entertainment President Jeff Gaspin, who keeps his shirt unbuttoned further (farther?) than you’d expect. Gaspin talks about naming Chiller, NBC Universal’s new horror channel that recently got picked up by DirecTV. He said he originally wanted to call it Thriller, but NBC lawyers said Michael Jackson might have a problem with that.


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You did not eat deserts. You ate desserts. Why are young journalists all such lousy spellers?

Daisy Whitney:

James, whether you ate sand or chocolate for your apres meal treat, I'm loving the party dish. Great to see the curtain pulled back and the Oz of the party circuit exposed.

james hibberd:

Fixed. Let's keep those spelling corrections coming!

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