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James Hibberd

That's No Moon, That's a Glorified Karaoke Contest

January 18, 2007 7:05 PM

CBS Entertainment President Nina Tassler calls “American Idol' “The Death Star,' which is appropriate given that last night it completely obliterated “Criminal Minds' and “CSI: NY.'

Tassler gives NBC’s Kevin Reilly credit for the term, though “Idol' has been called that more than a few times before (and for those wondering why the content of this post has changed since this morning, well, it’s a long story).

At any rate, the critics run with the term.

“So regarding the Death Star, what do you do?' a critic asks the CBS executive panel. “Do you send in a plucky band of rebels? Do you try to find shows that are ‘Idol’ proof?'

“Not ‘Idol’ proof but ‘Idol’ resistant,' says Kelly Kahl, VP of programming operations. “Our shows hang in there okay, while the other shows get, uh, vaporized.'

Moving away from Star Wars references, another critic asks why the network is showing “Criminal Minds' after The Super Bowl instead of “How I Met Your Mother.' In the hallways, critics have been carping on this all week. They claim “Mother' is a better fit than “Minds' for the slot. The truth is they’re both about equally suitable. It’s just that “Mother' is a clever and funny show that critics like, while “Minds' is yet another lobotomized procedural, so critics rather have “Mother' gain the added viewership.

“I don’t know if ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ was a good [post-Super Bowl] fit, it’s a female-skewing soap, but it worked for ABC,' Kahl points out to the critic. “You got a huge audience sitting there and if you have a chance to introduce them to it, you got to take it.'


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