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James Hibberd

The Last CW Word: Chris Rock

January 19, 2007 9:53 PM

Chris Rock, here to support his ratings-challenged sitcom “Everybody Hates Chris,' is a blast.

“My TiVo won’t even watch my show,' he says. “First we’re on UPN, now The CW. What’s next, BET?'

A critic asks if would hire Michael Richards.

“I dunno …' Rock says, seeming to give the matter some real thought. “Probably. But I have to make sure all the non-‘nigger’-screaming people didn’t need the job first.'

Tomorrow is Fox, which has an “Idol' panel, plus a lot of critics eager to ask about O.J. Should make for a fine TCA finish.

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Comments (4)

The last word? What? No Supernatural talk? That's the best thing on the CW.


The CW actually had a surprising number of lively panels. As it so happens, I do have a decent random quote from the "Supernatural" session. The showrunner described his Thursday night series as a program "for people who don't want to see doctors bang in the emergency room"


Well, I see I'm not the first to wonder how you can post "The Last CW Word" and not have said anything about the best show on CW (and, in my book, one of the best on TV today), Supernatural. Anything else you can tell us? In particular, I would like to know your impression of the presentation and the presenters (Eric Kripke, Robert Singer, Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki) and your thoughts on Supernatural's chances for renewal.

Thank you,


"My TiVO won't watch my show." Good one.

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