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James Hibberd

Fall TV Video Preview

May 21, 2007 3:49 PM

TVWeek.com is hosting clips from pilots of all the major networks new Fall shows, and even some of their Spring 2008 shows too.

The clips can be viewed individually, by network, or by their scheduled day of the week.

Go here to watch the clips, and then come back to the blog to discuss them.


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Well, there are a lot of losers in this batch. I about gagged on Miss/Guided. Big Bang Theory looked like something out of a high school drama club, even some of the ones getting early hype looked pretty bad in these clips, Lipstick Jungle and Cashmere Mafia looked equal lame, the Big Shots, let me guess the writers are all women? Car Poolers, the empty HOV lane may be an omen, Cavemen was as I expected riding a joke too far. Private Practice and Dirty Sexy Money in a word boring. Women's murder Club, only thing it has going for it is Angie harmon.To be honest the ony clips that had me thinking OK lets program the dvr where Bionic Woman (which surprised the heck out of me as I was really prepared to be indifferent toward it), Journeyman and Life. Maybe they just chose some bad clips, they better hope so or it's going to be a bad season for ABC.


Is anyone else psyched about Reaper? I may be premature, but it seems like it could fill the void left by Buffy's departure. I wouldn't even know that CW existed if not for Top Model. This show may change the face of the network. Journeyman looks pretty interesting too. Huge bonus in casting Vorenus (how I miss thee, Rome).


I agree with Amponegem. It seems like Reaper might do to the CW what Buffy did for the WB when that network was just starting out. Hopefully, all those Whedon fans will appreciate the similar humor and will flock to the show.. and there are quite a few of them.


Most of these shows look pretty boring. I'm getting tired of shows about lawyers; aren't there enough already. I think that is pretty much over by now. I'm also glad that Footballers Wives never made it into the fall schedule but am disappointed that the CW picked up Life is Wild. I don't get the whole remaking British shows thing. Why would anyone want to watch a show redone by American actors that is already done great by British actors and that they could have already been watching on BBC America?
However, there were some shows that looked promising. New Amsterdam looked interesting and Pushing Daisies reminded me of Dead Like Me. I also can't wait for Moonlight. With Angel and Buffy having been gone for many years now a show with vampires is something I've been looking forward to.


While most of these new shows seem to follow the recent trend of new series (boring, no worthy plotlines, etc.) some, however, stand way, way out.

Here are the top 5 shows I'm looking forward to seeing this upcoming television season:

5) Sam I Am (ABC), this new comedy, with Christina Applegate, stands out among the otherwise failing comedy genre, this will most likely have a permanent spot on my tivo.

4) The Sarah Connor Chronicles (FOX), coming out of the successful Terminator series, this show is promising. Looking forward to it.

3) Journeyman (NBC), although I don't particularly care for Heroes, (Lost is much more appealing and intriguing) this new drama of the sci-fi sort seems interesting and consuming. I'm sure it will attain the same success status of Heroes.

2) Bionic Woman (NBC), this whole tv season, i watched absolutely nothing on nbc. with this and journeyman coming next season, i will for sure tune in to the peacock. Very intriguing, wild success.

1) Pushing Daisies (ABC), if all goes well, i'm thinking that this will be a nice addition to my tv obsession (along with Lost and House). This show is very promising, and I can simply not wait for this show. Especially since the wait for Lost will go on until late January.


Thank goodness for CABLE! ABC has nothing on their line-up I would even entertain watching based on the clips. CBS has balls for going out on a limb with a musical, Viva Laughlin, I will tune in to see if the story lines hold up to the music and the choreography.
I will also tune to watch Cane and Kid Nation. CW has nothing there. FOX - Sarah Connor, Terminator may hold my attention as long as doesn't turn into The Fugitive. NBC may have a winner with Bionic Woman. The specail effects and new technology aspect of an updated Bionic Woman will have me tuning in weekly as long as the story lines work.
I wish that Network Television came up with original shows and not copies from other succesful shows. Duh, the reason the shows were successful was because they were New, Fresh and had New faces, talent, not recyled ideas, talent from shows that flopped. Good Luck Network Television, because Cable Television is light years ahead with programing new ideas, seasoned talent! IMHO


So I only had time to watch ABC's new previews for the shows. I wasn't really thrilled on many scenes. Private Practice had the same scene I saw in a Grey's Anatomy episode and feels like Grey's Anatomy just with an older cast. Also Pushing Daisies was ok, and Cavemen needed to stop production after singing "I Like Big Backs and I Cannot Lie." As for Miss/Guided, it was okay, but probably will not last long. Sam I Am, had a horrible clip and was completely not funny. Dirty Sexy Money, which I am looking forward too, had a horrible clip. The one on ABC's website is much better with the family siblings arguing. Cashimere seemed lik it has a chance, lets just hope they don't put it on Friday night. Big Shots, was okay, but the clip wasn't great. And Carpoolers was not funny either. The one show I was hoping would get the cut was Footballer Wives, which unfortunately didn't make into the Fall Schedule. Good Luck ABC, you will need it!


Boy this new seasons going to repeat this past seasons network standing Let's take a look at each night.

8pm Dancing #1, HIMYM #2, DorD #3, PB #4 and CW #5
9pm TAHM #1, Heros #2, SIA #3, V-Vile #4 (First season cancelation!!), CW #5
10pm CSI:M #1, Jouneyman #2, Bachelor #3

8pm NCIS #1, Amsterdam #2, Caveman #3, BL #4 and CW #5 (When AI returns it wins!)
9pm House #1, Dancing #2, Unit #3, Chuck #4, CW #5
10pm CSI:M #1, Jouneyman #2, Bachelor #3

8pm DoD #1, Model #2, Daisies #3, BY #4 and KN #5
9pm CM #1,PP #2, BW #3, Bones #4, CW #5 (When AI returns it wins!)
10pm CSI: NY #1, DSM #2, Life #3 (Second season cancelation!!)

8pm Survivor #1, UB #2, Earl #3, Smarter #4 and CW #5
9pm GA #1,CSI #2, Office #3, HK #4, CW #5
10pm WT #1, ER #2, Shots #3

8pm GW #1, Bands #2, Trees #3, 1v100 #4 and CW #5
9pm Women's #1MoonlightI #2, LV #3, Nashville #4
10pm FNL #1, Numbers #2, 20/20 #3


8pm SurvivorSNF #1, Makeover #2, Vival #3, Simpsons #4 and CW #5
9pm DH#1CCI #2, Family #3, HK #4, CW #5
10pm B&S#1, Shark #2

BW should be moved from Wed. at 9pm or it will be canselling.


If better "guided" (bad pun, sorry!), Miss Guided has the potential to be the Scrubs for the educational world. Miss Guided, while really trying too hard in its current character sketch, has the potential to be pretty cool. I think you may want to lean towards a character who is more complex and is actually competent.

Think "Scrubs" meets a real high school school counseling scene. With more realistic (albiet sketch driven) spots, you could hit a home run for the network!

In an age where students care more and more about the world around them, school safety (think Columbine), and getting into college in addition to the usual hormone driven challenges and sex related issues, I personally think that kids in the US would LOVE a show about a school counselor who is an alumni of the high school, who didn't have her act together as a young person, but now has a grip and is passionate about working with the same types of kids as she used to be.

Although I am not a school counselor, I know that they have case loads averaging around 470 students to 1 school counselor. you could revolutionize the nations school districts where parents are more aware of the fact that, if there were more school counselors like Miss Guided, their children actually would get to see a school counselor for REAL help with college and career planning, not to mention life in general. I think this idea has more merit (and could be a real riot) if the writers made the school counselor respected. No young person (or adult) wants to watch a show where the adult is always a buffoon and doesn't know it. Even Saved by the Bell principal had his head on straight some of the time. You could also really tap into the latino and asian markets if their were asian/latino counselors as Miss Guided's coworkers. Think about it!

Oh, and loved Bionic Woman. If she has a brunette friend, even better.

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