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James Hibberd

CBS: Patinkin Quit ‘Minds’ Due to ‘Personal Issue’

July 18, 2007 11:45 AM

Critics grilled CBS Entertainment President Nina Tassler on why serial show-quitter Mandy Patinkin ran out on quasi-hit series “Criminal Minds.” Tassler repeatedly emphasized Patinkin’s issue was of a personal nature that would be inappropriate for her to reveal.

“He came to us and asked to be released from the show, and we were able to accommodate that request,” she said. “It’s a personal issue. The show is accommodating his needs. I can only hope in the very near future Mandy will be able to answer those questions.”

One critic noted Tassler said he quit due to personal issues, while the CBS press release explaining his mysterious departure cited “creative differences.”

“‘Creative differences’ is a euphemism for ‘personal issues,’” she said, drawing a huge laugh.

After the panel, Tassler stuck to the script, though she added that producers have not yet decided whether to kill off Patinkin’s character.


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