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James Hibberd

‘Daisies’ Lovefest

July 25, 2007 5:13 PM

And just like that, critics switch gears. They love “Pushing Daisies,” charmed by showrunner Bryan Fuller and his likeable cast. The critics embrace the panelists, the panelists hug back. Fuller comes off as prepared, honest and happy to be here.

Fuller says “Daisies” started as a spin-off of his Showtime “Dead Like Me” series and quickly works in his logline into one of his first answers for those who haven’t seen the show: “A guy can touch dead people once and bring them back to life; if he touches them again they go back to being dead; problem is he touches a dead girl, falls in love with her, and can never touch her again.”

Unlike some, Fuller readily confesses his creative influences rather than straining to present every element as his own brilliant creation. “[The music] was definitely inspired by Danny Elfman,” he says, then later: “I can definitely cop to ripping off [the tone of] ‘Amelie.’”

Fuller also quickly addressed a chief critic concern of how to make “Daises” concept work every week: “We’ve embraced the procedural aspect of it in a way that all of our stories come out of a place reflective of where the characters are,” he says. “So we use a procedural story about a whistleblower, but really it’s about all the secrets the characters are keeping from themselves.”

The only thing Fuller might have been wiser to hold back is how he will conclude “Daisies,” which might be the first time a TCA showrunner revealed the probable ending of a series before his first episode has aired. “If [the show] does end, it will probably end with a kiss” between the romantically frustrated protagonists, he says, which would result in the re-death of his female lead.


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Re: Pushing Daisies
I am positively aching to see this show! The first book in my new mystery series is entitled Pushing Up Daisies (St Martins Minotaur, Feb 2008.) Let's hope both of these daisies are perennials.
Rosemary Harris

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