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James Hibberd

Deadwood’s Unlikely Prospects

July 12, 2007 9:50 AM

One of the first questions critics will likely ask at HBO’s TCA panel session today is whether they’re ever going to get the two, two-hour “Deadwood” movies. “Deadwood” is to critics what the crazy Russian who ran off into the woods was to “Sopranos” fans, a much-loved phantom whose re-appearance seemed increasingly unlikely.

With creator David Milch’s “John From Cincinnati” drowning in the ratings surf, those hoping for a surprise announcement are going to be disappointed. The current HBO regime has a greater inclination to bring back “Deadwood” for a final round than former CEO Chris Albrecht, and the money is certainly there. But the chances of all the key actors being available at the same time are “highly unlikely.” Milch feels like he’s worked for two years without a day off and is ready for a break. And every day that passes makes a “Deadwood” reunion less relevant.


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Well, I cannot say I am surprised. HBO has been avoiding addressing this issue for a long long time. The Deadwood fan base has been screaming for news on these movies since the shocking cancellation announcement was made last summer. HBO continues to blissfully ignore everyone (I have sent at least 20 emails, all unanswered).

Just the fact that HBO and Milch continue to avoid addressing this issue shows how little respect they truly have for us fans and subscribers. I set a date of September 1st to cancel HBO unless they confirmed that the movies were being made, and production was to begin soon. Since its highly unlikely that it will happen at this point, I guess I will be able to save some money this fall.

Note to HBO - you might want to consider what your fan base wants. You ruined the Sopranos with that lame ending, and ripped Deadwood out from under us. I have REALLY tried to like John, and I may revisit it down the road on DVD, but for now the few shows on HBO I still have interest in will be viewed via DVD from now on (I am talking about you Curb your Enthusiasm and Entourage).

I hope I am wrong, I hope the movies happen - but I really believe that the time has come to say goodbye to HBO.

Rest in peace Deadwood

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