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James Hibberd

Fox’s 'Lyrics' Comes in First (And Second)

July 12, 2007 10:23 AM

If it wasn’t for NBC’s “Bee” in Fox’s ratings bonnet, Wednesday night’s “Don’t Forget the Lyrics” premiere would be a great success.

“Lyrics” delivered a 3.4 rating among adults 18 to 49, built on its “So You Think You Can Dance” lead-in and rates as the second-best premiere of the summer. Fox easily won the night, pushing NBC’s “America’s Got Talent” to its lowest original rating this summer (2.6).

That’s all good news Fox, and as much as one could reasonably expect for the “Lyrics” debut—if it wasn’t for the unavoidable comparisons to Tuesday night’s highly similar “Bee,” which was the highest-rated summer reality premiere of the past few years.

To siphon even more of the musical game show buzz from the night, NBC re-ran their “Bee” premiere to a 1.7 rating before the “Lyrics” premiere. One interesting note about both shows is they’re unscripted half-hours, which is a very rare breed in an era where reality shows typically start at 60 minutes, then get pumped to 90 minutes or two hours if successful.

CBS aired repeats, which on average for the night edged out ABC’s originals of “The Next Best Thing” (2.0), “American Inventor” (2.0) and “The Traveler” (1.2). The CW leaned on its year-round “America’s Next Top Model” crutch by running two hours of the show in repeats.


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Comments (6)


Americas Got Talent is fast becoming a horrible show....Seems to be more about the judges and Springer than the talent (which gets very little air time)


If summer programming on broadcast nets is going to be karaoke-themed shows, I'm hiding out in cable & on-demand programming until October.

Both shows were OK for one night, but not on a weekly basis.


Could you get more cookie-cutter programming that we received from these two shows.
Even some of the songs that were used were the same. Is there any creativity left that can at least seperate one show concepts from another?
It seems that originality is rare these days!

Lee :

Out of curiousity, you mention that the shows are unscripted half hours. If so, why does "The SInging Bee" have nine writers listed in the closing credits?


In response to Lee: "Bee" probably has nine writers because it takes that many to help Joey Fatone remember the lyrics to "Bye, Bye, Bye"?!

America's Got Talent, only the judges were obviously looking for something else. It what can only be seen as a chance for a Sanjaya like controversy, they picked some of the most insane acts to go through to the final 20.

I'm not sure a kid who sings well is worth a million bucks, but come on, Boy Shakira and that other dancing fool? It's insulting.

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