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James Hibberd

HBO Execs Still Waiting For 'Sopranos' Ending

July 12, 2007 3:23 PM

As expected and reported, “Deadwood” movie questions are dominating the HBO executive panel at TCA and, as expected and reported, executives downplayed the possibility of it happening due to the availability of creator David Milch and the actors.

HBO co-president Richard Plepler also got the inevitable “Sopranos”-ending question and admitted to being just as flummoxed as viewers.

“It was startling even to us,” Plepler said. “I actually thought they withheld the final 50 seconds from me and they were like, ‘no, that’s the ending’ … it’s impossible to tell somebody like David Chase how he should end it. This is the way he wanted to conclude it and we support him in that choice.”

Mr. Plepler also confirmed that Chase wanted to conclude the show with a full deathly 30 seconds of black instead of 10. As for a “Sopranos” movie, the executives said no conversations have taken place (“I don’t even think David has had a conversation with himself about it”).

“Sopranos,” “Deadwood” … who do these fans think they are, demanding endings on shows they pay $120 a year to watch?


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